• Abdul Ali reborn!

    Abdul Ali, his 3 bros, 3 sisters all are reborn! Still On

  • My 2nd son Judas!

    My 2nd son from M. Magdalene Tahseen reborn as Laithullaah

  • First daughter Sarah!

    My 1st daughter Sarah reborn as Eldest from Mary Magdalen

  • M.Magdalen, Children!

    Mary Magdalene,Sarah,Judas reborn exactly like past!

  • Mary Magdalene!

    My wife Mary Magdalene, 1st daughter Sarah & 2nd son Judas

  • Samariton woman!

    Hungarian woman Krisztina Kanya played the role of Samarit

  • Al Amin 1st ever Hero!

    Al Amin metaphorically called as Mohammed(s) 4 Mahdi!

  • Anubis new name Azim!

    Lord of orphon azim, anubis who brought Mahdi out!

  • Orphon lord Azim!

    Pather of South Anpu, Azim the Orphon's Lord 4 Messiah!

  • mathias reborn!

    Mathias reborn 4Messiah, the replaced1 of Iscariot!

  • Elijah Harunyahya!

    Harun Yahya Adnan Oktar is reborn again in Turkey 4Mahdi!

  • Mahdi & Md. Nazeer!

    Mahdi & Mohammed Nazeer seen like Jeremiah & Isaiah!

  • Isaiah Jeremiah!

    Bible Prophecy says that Jermiah & Isaiah to reborn!

  • 4 disciples always!

    Vishnu's 4 true disciples always are reborn like Parshuram

  • Md. Nazeer AbuBakr!

    Md. Nazeer Abu Bakr is True Parashuram Avtar!

  • Md. Nazeer Parshuram!

    First devotee of Lord Shiva Mahdi Md. Nazeer Parashuram!

  • wonderful Hinduism!

    Hindus people of Noah(a) have wonderful Mahdi's signs!

  • Mahdi Shiva kamakhya!

    Kamakhya devi's signs not yet clearly dsclosed 4mahdi!

  • kalki padmavati!

    Kalki marrying kamala devi padmavati still mystery!

  • sheer Means Milk!

    Sheer sagar Madanam means churning of holy books!

  • Shiva is savior too!

    Mahdi the Shiva evils destroyer is savior too! See this!

  • Jesus Vishnu Mahdi!

    All Dajjaals & scholars failure 4facts based on Jesus Myst

  • Milk ocean's Churning!

    A failure attempt of Dajjals & Scholars 4 wisdom but succe

  • Mohini Shivas's son!

    This pictorial prophecy about Mahdi's talented wife & son

  • Hari Hara union Son!

    Mahdi & Shiva prophecy still pending! Still a mystery 4me

  • Mohini & Shiva!

    Still Mohini & Shiva union is mystery along with a son!

  • Mohini & Mahdi!

    Mahdi Messiah Mahadev's wife Mohini yet to arrive! Still a

  • Lion Mahdi & Family!

    We all suffered a lot like Lion family!

  • Messiah with Family!

    Messiah Mahdi was prophecised with complete family but not

  • I Messiah arrived!

    I Lion of Juda already arrived with all signs! Join me now

  • We the Lion Family!

    I & my children are all royal Family of Allaah the Ahle Ba

  • I am 100%True Jesus!

    I am true Messiah Mahdi Mahadev with 100% true signs!

  • Attention All 4me!

    Behold all I Jesus Mahdi arrived with 1400+ I.D. proofs!

  • V mark On my 4head!

    See V mark on my 4head just like Lion! Did you see?

  • 2 Moles, teeth Space!

    I have 90 body signs, 2 moles right, left cheek & 1400 sig

  • V Mark on Lion 4head!

    I have V mark on 4head just like Lion naturally as per pro

  • See V mark on 4head!

    Hindus have prophecy that Kalki Mahdi has V Mark on 4head!

  • V on 4head is Sign!

    I Messiah (Lion). We both have V Mark on 4head! It's Allaa

  • Messiah V Like Lion!

    See this V mark un noticed by mankind on my 4head too!

  • C 4Head V Mark again!

    I have showed you many Lion's faces with V Mark like me!

  • C Mark V on my 4head!

    Did you see Allaah's sign in calling Mahdi Jesus as Lion?

  • Why Messiah= Lion?

    Messiah Mahdi has V mark on forehead like Lion. It's Mirac

  • 'V' on my 4head=Lion!

    Messiah Mahdi's 'V' mark on 4head like Lion!

  • Lions are beardless!

    My clear face like Lion'S face without beard but head's li

  • Fools always Ignorant!

    Fools are always ignorant & don't investigate properly!

  • Lion's face, No Beard!

    Face is index of mind & Mahdi's face is like Lion.

  • My Clear face signs!

    All Holy books say that Messiah Mahdi will be clean shaved

  • No beard, Lion's Face!

    People mistook Lion's big hair till shoulders 2B beard!

  • I Jesus Mahdi Modern!

    Signs say Mahdi Kalki, Gesar, Dattatreya R clean shaved!

  • See Lion's Clean face!

    Lion's don't have beard on face & hence Messiah called as

  • Join me B4 Rapture!

    My baptism is with Fire & Floods! Join me or go Hell!

  • True Jesus Arrived!

    I am true Jesus Mahdi Mahadev the last Kalki arrived!

  • My place new Ark 4U!

    Mahsher (Judgement) by Messiah in India now! Ark 4U!

  • I Jesus Mahdi Arrived!

    I Jesus Mahdi have arrived with 100% true signs!

  • C proofs & Join me!

    Don't B ignorant, See all 100% proofs & Join me!

  • My Arabic new Name!

    I am Reborn with Arabic names the exact old translations!

  • Daabbatul Ard Peacock!

    Daabbatul Ard 100% proved as Angel in Peacock form!

  • No Jesus from Sky!

    I am Jesus reborn as Mahdi & no Jesus from sky now!

  • No proofs to deny me!

    Religious scholars cannot deny my arrival after investigat

  • I Jesus Mahdi Arrived!

    Don't look further! I am Jesus already reborn as Mahdi!

  • C true & False !

    I am true Jesus reborn as Mahdi & False Messiah is MGAQ!

  • Don't see sky 4me!

    I am Jesus reborn as Mahdi Messiah Mahadev the Kalki!

  • I am true Messiah007!

    Allaah is great! I am his true Messiah Mahdi Kalki!

  • See my new names!

    Mowdood means (Messiah), Aihmad (Paraclete), Khan (Israel)

  • My Place New Ark 4U!

    No Ark ship this time. My place is Ark 4U all now! Come!

  • I am Jesus 007 4U all!

    Come to India, Join me B4 Rapture! It's time up!

  • I am Lion this time!

    My Allaah shall avenge all my rejectors this time insha al

  • I Jesus Allah's proof!

    I am proof of Allaah's existence as he fulfilled promises!

  • It's Baptise by Fire!

    I Baptise by fire to all true believers this time! Come!

  • Narsimha Jesus same!

    Lion Narsimha Shiva Vishnu the Kalki Mahdi are same!

  • I am Allaah's Jesus07!

    All universe is Allaah's creation & nothing is without his

  • I am 100% true Jesus!

    All 100% Holy books proofs & Allaah certified me as true!

  • I overcame my anger!

    Useless Anger is Satan's tool & I overcame it 4 wisdom!

  • King Jesus! No beard!

    Clean shaved Jesus 4 cleaned shaved world as per signs!

  • I am most Brave Jesus!

    My humbleness, patience & tolerance R not cowardliness!

  • Truth never ends!

    Despite of evils attacks I preached truth Masha Allaah!

  • My Mom reborn as Hiba!

    My father reborn as my son & Mom as Sister's child Hiba!

  • My mother reborn!

    My parents reborn to certify Quran (Momins united)!

  • Allaah our Protector!

    All hypocrite evils my enemies but Allaah is our guard!

  • My holy royal Family!

    Allaah blessed me & my family, we are Holy Royal Family!

  • Evil attackes Beware!

    All evil attackers of Mahdi 2B punished soon by Allaah's l

  • Jesus & his Mohini??

    Allaah's apostles are always with wives & children!

  • Now World 4 Jesus!

    All evils must perish now except true believers only!

  • My signs unbuyable!

    We are Allaah's signs can't B bought by entire world also!

  • I overcame Falsehood!

    MGAQ666 Ahmadiyya Jamat is ashamed by me!

  • I have won over 666!

    I killed MGAQ666's Lies openly on net but Fools remained!

  • I & my family R signs!

    None can buy our designation & we are Allaah's signs!

  • I Jesus battled tough!

    To end up MGAQ666 I Mahdi is passed thru hard exams!

  • MGAQ666 ends by Jesus!

    MGAQ666 don't give up till my rise as true Jesus!

  • 666 hardest war 4 007!

    None can end MGAQ666 Ahmadiyya Cult except me!

  • Ahmadies sets back!

    Ahmadies MGAQ666's slaves run away by seeing my proofs!

  • 666 Slaves R Fools!

    MGAQ666's Slaves Ahmadies abuse, curse me the Lion Messiah

  • B Lion WID True Jesus!

    Don't be army of Masih Dajjaal666 & be with truth!

  • Join me, true Messiah!

    Be in dust of Jesus but not in palace of Maseeh Dajjaal666

  • My little Lions & me!

    May Allaah always be our guide with truth & love. Aameen!

  • My sons named as Lion!

    I have named my sons with Lion names like me!

  • My little Lions!

    I Messiah & my little children are Allaah's chosen!

  • Lion Jesus & his Cubs!

    My little children are Allaah's little Lions & Lionesses!

  • True Jesus is Power!

    Allaah is true & his true Messiah is big Power 4 world!

  • Lion marries Lioness!

    Allaah made equal status Lioness wives for Lion Mahdi!

  • Wife is Allaah's gift!

    True Believing wise wives are Allaah's gifts to Mahdi!

  • Shiva Shakti R-worth!

    Shiva(Mahdi) is Shava(corpse) without wife, the Shakti! OK

  • My silence is war too!

    When I Shiva stepped on Ravan666's Mountain then?

  • Problems my trainings!

    I am trained under difficulties to win & rule over it!

  • 120 yrs of 666 now 0!

    When I Lion Jesus arrived then won over 666 in few years!

  • Mahdi Always on work!

    I Jesus is always on Holy works of Allaah & but silent!

  • I Mahdi is Miracle!

    Miracles (signs) of Allaah cannot be copied by others!

  • My little children!

    My Allaah's gifts for me & Allaah's holy works with faith!

  • Don't C 666's People!

    Ignorant Ahmadies are victims in 666 & very weak!

  • Mohini & Shiva soon!

    Allaah has chosen wives for Messiah Mahdi & children too!

  • My little princesses!

    My children are Holy royal Family of prophets generations!

  • I act when lights On!

    When all my signs fulfilled then I rise with Rapture!

  • I am Prophets Vision!

    Prophets(a) visions are Allaah's plans & always true!

  • I Jesus is 666 ender!

    I Messiah is destined to end up MGAQ 666 & his Cult!

  • Non-Voilent is Brave!

    Hunble, non-voilent Messiah is brave not coward!

  • Mahdi's Lion Family!

    Me & my Family are 1st house of Allaah's holy rulers!

  • My children like me!

    Allaah make my children also Khalifas over all earth. Amen

  • I & my sons R Chosen!

    My Allaah has chosen me & my sons as born rulers!

  • Mahdi & 4 true Enough!

    I Mahdi with few true believers enough for world!

  • 07Mahdi's Lion Family!

    I & my family is Ahle Bayit of Prophets(a) & chosen Rulers

  • Warrior Jesus Shiva07!

    All life of Lion Messiah Mahdi is Shiv Leela the signs!

  • Holy laws kills Evils!

    I Mahdi don't attack but defend myself 4 world's safety!

  • 1 Jesus for 666 Army!

    My truth ended all Lies of 666 but False Cult remained !

  • True Jesus is worth!

    MGAQ666 & his Khalifas with Ahmadies worthless Now!

  • Allaah Answered Call!

    When I called Allaah in distress, Allaah spoke thru Angel

  • Allaah is enough 4me!

    I true Allaah's Narsimha Mahdi enough 4 all enemies!

  • I am Confident Jesus!

    I Mahdi rely upon my Allaah & I know my destiny!

  • I am Lion Messiah 007!

    Don't doubt! I Messiah Mahdi 100% Masha Allaah!

  • I Mahdi roar on net!

    I Jesus preach 24 hrs non-stop on youtube channel!

  • I Mahdi won over 666!

    Seals broken by me & MGAQ 666 is defeated 100%!

  • 666 MTA's Trials!

    666 spoken all nations worldwide through MTA TV!

  • Maseeh Dajjaal means?

    O Allaah I seek refuge from Maseeh Dajjaal trial!

  • 666 is Faith's thief!

    Masih Dajjaal MGAQ Ahmadiyya dacoits of faith!

  • Masih Dajjal666 Swine!

    Swine, Beast, Eagle wings, Maneater 666's titles!

  • Lion & Wolf 666 fight!

    It's true & False Messiah's fight & nothing else!

  • Jesus & Masih Dajjaal!

    Investigate fully about Masih Dajjaal & Messiah!

  • Mirza GAQ isn't Mahdi!

    Mirza Ghulam Ahmad MGAQ isn't Jesus Mahdi!

  • Masih Dajjaal Dynasty!

    Prophecies say Maseeh Dajjaal 666 is a religious dynasty!

  • Ahmadiyya Khalifa 666?

    So Pious MGAQ & his Khalifas Maseeh Dajjaal666???

  • MGAQ666 Satanic claims!

    See 666's hidden Satanic claims of Messiah 1st!

  • MGAQ666 Ahmadiya Cult!

    Masih Dajjaal666's cheatings under Peace & Islam!

  • 666 Maneater demon!

    Tibetans Gesar(Mahdi) kills man eater demon!

  • Masih Dajjaal Muslim!

    Hadiths:- Worst Cheater ever Masih Dajjaal is Muslim!

  • Total 6 Masih Dajjaal!

    2 Esdras 11, Hinduism say 6 Masih Dajjals & Hadiths too!

  • 666 Splendid Pharoah!

    All signs say Masih Dajjal is Spendid Pharoah dynasty!

  • Muslim Maseeh Dajjaal!

    666 is Muslim Masih Dajjal MGAQ & his Khalifas!

  • MGAQ666 is False Nabi!

    666 is Human Satanic False Prophet & Messiah!

  • All Puzzled 4Dajjaal??

    All Puzzled 4 Masih Dajjaal but couldn't know666!

  • All Failed for 666??

    Allaah's open secret exam of Maseeh Dajjaal666!

  • MGAQ all wrong shots!

    MGAQ666 Ahmadiya's False Daabbat & other signs!

  • 6th Masih Dajjaal 666!

    MGAQ & his Khalifas are Maseeh Dajjaal like Pharoahs!

  • MGAQ666 Muslim Satan!

    MGAQ & his Khalifas did all Satanic acts under Islam!

  • MGAQ666 False Jesus!

    MGAQ Ahmadiyya Khalifa Masih Dajjaal 100% hidden!

  • MGAQ666 Satan's Agent!

    MGAQ666 Spread Lies, hid under Islamic dresses!

  • True & False Arrived!

    Masih Dajjaal MGAQ666 & I true Jesus007 Arrived Now!

  • Yes Jesus Arrived Now!

    I Jesus07 with 100% proofs arrived & MGAQ666 too!

  • People doubted Allaah!

    People out of distress doubted Allaah & Holy Books!

  • End Confusions B-true!

    Join me the true Messiah & end religious confusions!

  • Athiests ashamed Now!

    Unbelievers of Allaah YWEH OM R 2B Ashamed now!

  • Bible prophecies true!

    Bible End days signs 100% came true & certified Islam!

  • All Holy signs R-true!

    All Holy signs of end days are true. Don't doubt now!

  • C Signs of 007 & 666!

    First know full signs of Jesus Mahdi & Masih Dajjaal then

  • Allaah YWEH Answered!

    Allaah Yweh OM fulfilled promises by sending Jesus Mahdi S

  • False Prophet MGAQ666!

    MGAQ false Prophet666, his Khalifas leading Ahmadiyya in H

  • MGAQ's Preach Frauds!

    MGAQ & his Khalifas preach falsehood in Islamic dresses!

  • MGAQ & his 4Kids 666!

    False Messiah MGAQ & his Khalifas Khilafat dynasty!

  • 2 Esdras11 Eagle wings!

    Bible says Dajjal666 is religious dynasty of Satanic Messi

  • Ahmadies R wise fools!

    Ahmadies Qadianies wise but fooled by Maseeh Dajjaal666!

  • M.Dajjaal Beast Rev13!

    Masih Dajjal666 is Khilafath (dynasty) of Satanic Messiah

  • Ahmadiyya's true face!

    Maseeh Dajjaal666 is hiding behind Islamic banner!

  • MGAQ666's hidden face!

    All false proofs of MGAQ & his Khalifas! Trial from Allaah

  • MGAQ666, his Khalifas!

    C hidden base of Ahmadiyya Jamat but not its Islamic acts

  • Wolf in lambs company!

    MGAG & his Khalifas are wolves eating faith of innocents 4

  • 666's Fraud speaches!

    MGAQ & his Khalifas mouths are shields filled with Lies &

  • MGAQ & his 4Kids 666!

    Mahmud Basheer, Nasir, Tahir & Masroor all swines 666 of M

  • Mirza Masroor Ahmad!

    Active Masih Dajjal wolf in sheep dress is Mirza Masroor A

  • MGAQ666 Fake's group!

    Ahmadiyya Jamat is False Messiah's fraud Company!

  • Masih Dajjaal666 MGAQ!

    MGAQ & his Khalifas are wolves in sheep dress! Beware!

  • C MGAQ's Foundation!

    See Ahmadiyya's basic faith of False Jesus & not dress!

  • All Hypocrites in MGAQ

    Allaah gathered all hypocrites Bani Israel into Ahmadiya C

  • Masih Dajjaal Swines!

    False Messiah MGAQ's group as Swines, Beast, Eagle Wings!

  • All Pictoral language!

    Ahmadies & Muslims R so proud that they don't reason on m

  • 666 Splendid Pharoah!

    Masih Dajjaal 666 Khilafat- e-Ahmadiyya cult is is new spl

  • Mahsher at Bhongir!

    Believers refuge at Mahdi's Ark Valley(Nalgonda dist.Bhong

  • Mahdi 1st seen 1991!

    Mahdi seen against 666 at minaratul masih Qadian east of D

  • world welcomed Mahdi!

    Entire world welcomed Mahdi indirectly through songs, prea

  • Mahdi's 3 y.Brothers!

    As per prophecies eldest Mahdi has 2 younger brothers!

  • Mahdi's 3 y. sisters!

    Mahdi is eldest of all with 3 younger sisters as prophecie

  • Like Mahdi' parents!

    Mahdi's mom black & father white as per signs along with 3

  • Daabbatul Ard in 2015!

    Prophecies say that Daabbatul Ard will emerge as Peacock i

  • Mahdi among 666!

    Jesus Mahdi brought up by 666 follwers family as per proph

  • Jesus DOB 24-3-1973!

    Jesus Mahdi's DOB is mentioned as 24rth March 1973 Saturda

  • Mahdi in public 2012!

    Mahdi appeared as per signs 2nd time publicly on 14thmay 2

  • Mahdi & Rasuls!

    All rasuls are equal in status said by Allah & Mahdi is Ra

  • Jesus Buddha Shiva R1

    Mahdi is Shiva,Dattatreya,Kalki,Zeus,Osiris,Messiah,Jesus

  • Visions pictorial

    Quran certify pictorial language communication to be 1st &

  • Now India Blessed!

    Allah have chosen India to clean all & Mahdi arrived here!

  • Future visions!

    Mohammed(s) was shown future events of Dajjal, Daabbat, Ma

  • Profecy by Visions!

    All prophecies of prophets about end were mostly through v

  • Jesus death Kashmir!

    I died in Kashmir 1880 years ago as Jesus 1st!

  • Mahdi Jesus is Rasul!

    Mahdi Jesus is Allah's rasool without prophethood!

  • No Jesus from sky!

    I Jesus was made mystery 4 people 4 end days trials! I am

  • Metaphorical Prophecy!

    Quran,Bible,Hadiths,Vedas,Puranas all have pictorial futur

  • India replaced Israel!

    Allah replaced Syria, Israel with India, A.P. for Mahdi Je

  • Re-birth in Quran!

    Spiritual re-incarnation is mentioned in all holy books bu

  • All true religions!

    All religions of the world certify 666 & 007 the Messiah M

  • Mahdi family gods!

    Mahdi family is gods, goddesses, Bhagwans gods but not All

  • Adam & Mahdi in India

    Prophecies of all holy books say that Adam (a) landed in I

  • Hypocrites hate Jesus!

    Holy books say that entire world will become hypocrite & d

  • Mahdi will Announce!

    Mahdi will claim & announce his arrival but people will di

  • Jesus is Indian

    All holy books including Quran 7 Hadiths say Mahdi Jesus i

  • mahdi is aayaat!

    Mahdi is mentioned as aayaat(signs) in quran 27:82!

  • Mahdi's Mom Surayya!

    Rev.12 & Hadiths gave Jesus Mahdi Mom's name as Surayya in

  • Eyeglass as grapes!

    666 4rth Mirza Tahir Ahmad wore sun glasses on eyes in 199

  • Jesus with 14 children!

    People never expected Mahdi to be married 9 times & 14 chi

  • Mahdi is Lord Shiva!

    People never expected Mahdi Messiah to be Lord Shiva of Hi

  • Mahdi in India !

    People expected Jesus from Israel, Syria,Makkah,Madina,Ira

  • Mahdi seen strange!

    Muslims expected Messiah from sky among Muslims but I am r

  • Jesus seen unexpected!

    Muslims expected Mahdi as old,bearded man with sword but

  • 666 in 2 Esdras 11

    6 Maseeh Dajjaals Khilafat metaphorically in 2 Esdras 11 B

  • 666 in Rev. 13 Bible !

    7 heads=7 nabies, 10 horns=666's children, 2nd beast Mahmu

  • Prayer against 666!

    Seek Allaah's refuge from exam of Maseeh Dajjaal the False

  • Mahdi's parents!

    Mahdi's parents were grabbed by Maseeh Dajjaal but saved b

  • Mahdi half if no wife!

    Mahdi & wife are 1. Separation of them means cutting of Ma

  • 666 attacked Mahdi!

    666 killed Mahdi, separated ardhanarishvara shiva shakti,

  • Barren land of 666!

    Barren land of Maseeh Dajjaal MGAQ & his khalifas Rabwah m

  • Heaven of 666!

    Bahishty Maqbara Qadian the heaven of maseeh dajjaal 666!

  • Jesus & Many returned!

    Jesus 2nd reincarnated as Mahdi with complete family & gro

  • Jesus Mahdi's IDies!

    Jesus 2nd the Mahdi also known as James Bond 007 or a savi

  • Jesus Mahdi's IDies!

    Jesus 2nd the Mahdi also known as Mashiach Ben David among

  • Jesus Mahdi's IDies!

    Jesus 2nd the Mahdi also known as Ahura Mazda Saoshyant am

  • Jesus Mahdi's IDies!

    Jesus 2nd the Mahdi also known as Miraku Bantsu Spirit God

  • Jesus Mahdi's IDies!

    Jesus 2nd the Mahdi known as Osiris among Egyptians!

  • Jesus Mahdi's IDies!

    Jesus 2nd the Mahdi also known as Maitreya among Buddhists

  • Jesus Mahdi's IDies!

    Jesus 2nd the Mahdi also known as King Gesar Khan among Ti

  • Jesus Mahdi's IDies!

    Jesus 2nd the Mahdi known as Jupitor Gawd husband of Meni

  • Jesus Mahdi's IDies!

    Jesus 2nd the Mahdi also known as Zeus among Greeks!

  • Jesus Mahdi's IDies!

    Jesus 2nd the Mahdi known with 1000 names among Hindus!

  • Jesus Mahdi's IDies!

    Jesus 2nd the Mahdi also known as Kaala bhairava among Hin

  • Jesus Mahdi's IDies!

    Jesus 2nd the Mahdi also known as Khandoba Avtar among Hin

  • Jesus Mahdi's IDies!

    Jesus 2nd the Mahdi also known as Basawa Avtar among Linga

  • Jesus Mahdi's IDies!

    Jesus 2nd the Mahdi also known as Venkateshwara Govinda am

  • Jesus Mahdi's IDies!

    Jesus 2nd the Mahdi also known as Varaha Avtar saving eart

  • Jesus Mahdi's IDies!

    Jesus 2nd the Mahdi also known as Waman Avtar covering ear

  • Jesus Mahdi's IDies!

    Jesus 2nd the Mahdi also known as Narsimha Lion Man among

  • Jesus Mahdi's IDies!

    Jesus 2nd the Mahdi also known as Kalki the last saviour a

  • Jesus Mahdi's IDies!

    Jesus 2nd the Mahdi also known as Lord Shiva the Destroyer

  • Jesus Mahdi's iDies!

    Jesus 2nd the Mahdi also known as Dattatreya among Hindus!

  • Only Jesus Break Seals!

    All prophecies say that only true Messiah Mahdi Jesus brea

  • Prophecies sealed!

    People can read prophecies but cannot understand due to la

  • All Pictoral language!

    Quran chapter Yusuf certify prophet's visions as pictorial

  • How Prophet's Visions!

    Quran , Hadiths, Bible & all Holy books prophecies are pic

  • Proud block minds!

    Ahmadies & Muslims R so proud that they don't reason on m

  • False knowledge of 666!

    Now mostly people are ignorant about 666 & 007's signs but

  • 1st Men must think!

    Words False Messiah, Maseeh Dajjaal, antichrist points to

  • 666 was not in past!

    Tameem dari spoke about metaphrical prophecy of dajjaal bu

  • 666 is not like this!

    Abnormal born childrens are not Maseeh Dajjaal as ignorant

  • 666 Confused All!

    All intelligents also failed to know 666 & got frustrated

  • Hunts for 666 Failed!

    Mankind tried to paste 666 false messiah's sign upon many

  • its not False Messiah!

    This abnormal diabolic man isn't false messiah as people a

  • 666's wrinkled hair!

    All MGAQ Khalifas during their youth used black hair wrink

  • See 666 Black Hair cap!

    MGAQ'S 4RTH & 5TH khalifas with black wrinkled hair cap wh

  • 666 Hair wrinkled!

    Hadiths say 666 will be young with wrinkled hair is also t

  • No "kafir" on 4head!

    666 will not have real words written on 4head like this bu

  • 666 Not really 1 eyed!

    666 will not really be 1 eyed but he will wear glasses on

  • 666 in any island!

    Maseeh Dajjaal's present khalifa is in UK island as per pr

  • 666 is not like this!

    Maseeh Dajjaal False Christ is not just one eyed man as as

  • 666 is not any Animal.

    Maseeh Dajjaal 666 False Messiah can't be any animal excep

  • 666 is not USA !

    False Messiah 666 pointing to religious dynasty but not an

  • Ahmadiyya worldwide!

    Masih Dajjaal covered entire world but cannot enter Makkah

  • Ad-Dajjal(False Masih)!

    Christian missionaries or Muslim Ulema is not Maseeh Dajja

  • Jesus too in India!

    Jesus in eastern side of damascus near white Minara agains

  • 666 in East, India!

    Maseeh Dajjaal 666 appeared in world's east the India as p

  • 666 as Woman!

    Maseeh Dajjaal is shown as pleasing woman Angra Mainyu to

  • 666 Like Pharoahs!

    The Khalifa of Maseeh Dajjaal is also Maseeh Dajjaal like

  • 6th Maseeh Dajjaal!

    Mirza Masroor Ahmad of Ahmadiyya is 6th Maseeh Dajjaal as

  • Satan in Muslim Dress!

    Maseeh Dajjaal (Like Wolf) in sheep cloth is pious Muslim

  • Flase prophet's hell!

    Maseeh Dajjaal fasle Prophet Messiah disguised as true Mus

  • Toughest Exam Ever!

    Maseeh Dajjaal Antichrist666 is toughest trial since Adam

  • Plane White Horse!

    Prophecies say that Messiah will also fly in planes for hi

  • Zeus Kalki Jesus Horses

    True Messiah Shiva (Jimutavahan) will also fly in plane (Z

  • Matter of hell & Heaven

    True Messiah followers go to heavens forever & False Messi

  • Black & White fight!

    False proposes falsehood of Satan & true Messiah presents

  • Both R Jewish Muslims!

    Saoshyant Ahura Mazda & Angra Mainyu, Both are Muslims & g

  • It's Real & Fake's Figh

    666 is also called as Jalandhar (false Shiv) who fights tr

  • U find out true & False

    It's the matter of true & false religious faith upon Allah

  • All Holy Books true!

    Hinduism books, Bible, Quran, Hadiths proved Scientific by

  • Allah's 007 & Satan666!

    Its' True & False Messiah's fight to separate truth & Fals

  • False Messiah has come!

    Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(MGAQ) & his Khalifas the Maseeh Dajjaal

  • True Messiah Has Come!

    Mohammad Mowdood Aihmad Khan (Mmakhn).

I give witness that there is none other diety to be worshipped except Allaah alone, and Mohammed (s) is the apostle (rasool) of Allaah. I don’t differentiate between the prophets & rasools respect. I believe in Quran as the last revelation to last prophet Mohammed (s) from Allaah through angel Jibraeel (a), his true Hadiths & teachings (sunnat). I am Christ Jesus reborn spiritually as Mahdi among Muslims certifying all prophecies about my arrival in different religions. I am sent by Allaah (Rasool of Allaah) without any kind of prophethood (new news, nabuwat). I am not sent into this world to give new prophecies but to fulfill them practically. So I am just the rasool of Allaah but not the prophet (Nabi) of any kind. The prophecies of my arrival with family & many important persons were given to Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Hindus, Tibetans, Zoroastrians, Buddhists & others in pictorial language by the true prophets of their respective era. The same prophecies with new additional signs were also given to Jews, Christians & Muslims in scriptures & partial metaphorical sense. By mistake in ignorance the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Hindus, Tibetans & few others started worshipping our prophetical pictorial images even before our birth. Hence they became pagans due to lack of complete knowledge. But Jews, Christians, Muslims, Budhhists, Zoroastrians & few others were expecting my arrival based on their respective holy books. My identities in Hinduism are Lord Shiva the destroyer last vishnu Kalki Avtar, Narsimha, Dattatreya, Venkateshwara Govinda, Waman Avtar, Varaha Avtar, Chanbasweshwar, Khandoba etc. My different identities among Egyptians is Osiris, among Greeks is Zues, among Zoroastrians is Saoshyant Ahura Mazda, among Buddhist is Maitreyya, among Buddhists of Tibet as Gesar Khan, among Japanese as Ridgen Japo, among Chinese as messenger, among Jews as Messiah or Moshiach or Mashiach ben David (s), among Christians as Christ Jesus the Paraclete of 2nd coming, among Muslims as Isa son of Maryam the Mahdi. I am vice-regent the Khalifa of Allaah upon earth having his Holy Spirit in me. I am the biggest positive sign of world’s end. Maseeh Dajjaal the antichrist666 is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad & his vice-regents just like Pharoah’s religious dynasty based upon false Messiah & false prophet Mirza’s faith. Their international religious dynasty name is Ahmadiyya Jamat & hence it’s the first major signs of world’s end out of 10.

Speaking Beast from the earth (Daabbatul Ard) prophecised in Quran 27:82 & all hadiths is Angel Jibraeel in Peacock form. All end day’s 6 major signs &all other minor signs are over except 4 major punishments to unbelievers. All those who join me as believer with true Islamic faith shall be saved from hell & enter everlasting heavens insha allaah. And all unbelievers, hypocrites & ignorant are destined for everlasting deepest 7th level hell. I invite all of you with love, peace, kindness & there is no compulsion in religion. Join me with true faith or don’t join, it’s all your wish. But I request you to maintain peace, love & hatred for all evil till you are alive in this temporary world. .

I am against all kinds of terrorism, wars, physical fights & unholy acts. Weapons, armed forces & laws are must to maintain peace & protect peace loving people from attacks of evil people. I being Holy Spirit of Allaah was always alive. I was Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, Sri Buddha, Jesus son of Marium in my previous incarnations & now as Messiah Mahdi Mahadev the Kalki. I am 100% true perfect certified with 1400 plus authentic identification proofs unlike other false claimants who could never even produce 1% out of it. And apart from this there are 3 lakhs various signs of my arrival spread in the world

Meanings of Jesus in Clouds.

I am Jesus, My Claims.

I Jesus Mahdi Arrived Signs Fu

I am Jesus in Clouds Now.

Jesus Reborn as Mahdi.